My name is Alysia Johnson. I have had the pleasure of being the owner of Lucky Puppy Mobile Grooming since 2005. My life's purpose is dogs. I am a healer, lover, and scrubber. I am dedicated to giving each dog and owner a wonderfully peaceful and easy grooming experience. An animal lover from the start, I always knew that they would somehow greatly impact my life. But I never fully understood how much until I began grooming. There is such a beautiful connection that can be made while bathing a dog that is hard to explain. For me that has always been "my time" with my four-legged clients. I believe that is the the time when bonds can be made and trust can be granted. I have soothed nerves, and helped ease even the most guarded dogs at this time. A gifted groomer is so much more than the ability to style hair. They should also be the kind of groomer that your dog greets with a wagging tail and a possible leap of joy.



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